words to go (student). Book 2


作者:by Helen Edwards


出版社:Ryan Publications Ltd

出版地:Kapiti, New Zealand



We welcome you and your child to Words To Go Book 2. This book should help your child begin to understand how the English language works and so make them a more powerful user of this rich language.

Your interest, encouragement and support is an important factor in helping them to become confident users of our language. The more confident your child is in dealing with words, the more successful they will be in their learning through all their years at school.

This book sets out to help your child learn how words work, how to put a sentence together and to practise those skills so that they will have Words To Go with them for the rest of their life.

We wish you and your child all the best for this first year of studying our language and beginning to understand how it all fits together.

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